De belangrijkste retro-beurs in België


Are you fascinated by the lifestyle of the 50's & 60's?
Betty BoopThen Golden Years, the main retro-fair in Belgium, the place to be! It takes place every year in the Oktoberhallen Wieze and attracts many visitors every time. This time we expect you on saturday, 29 february 2020 & sunday, 01 march 2020.

Come and soak up the cozy atmosphere ...

What you find on this website?
The purpose of this website is to tell you more about this interesting exhibition. The second page provides a description of the fair. On the following pages you will find the most convenient: here are all the important information (admission price, location, ...) everything clearly arranged. If you have a full route description to by public transport or car, this beautiful fair.

Also if you want to rent a booth at the fair, you've come to the right place. On this website you get the chance to use a form to register. Let this opportunity not lie, because the more souls, the more joy (and how interesting the show is, of course)!

Last but not least, you have a list of our recommendations to different websites. These websites all have something to do with Golden-Years.

Have fun and see you soon in Wieze!